Thursday, December 4, 2014

Meeting with Carrie Brooks

Yesterday I met with Carrie Brooks to discuss my resume and my future plans. We started off talking about my resume. She was very impressed with it and didn't see any problems with it. She was hoping that I would be willing to teach the other students how to make a resume as solid as mine. I was pretty proud of the fact that she felt my resume was good. After that I asked her about the internship and externship opportunities. I described to her that I was a Junior and going to work and school part time. There were two companies she recommended me to look up and get in contact with based on my busy schedule. One was Paramount Arts which is located here in Memphis, so it will be a good opportunity for me. Carrie will help me this following summer to get started and strongly recommended me to do an externship as well. I had a great talk with her and learned some interesting things and look forward to getting more into my field. I have scheduled another meeting with her when classes start for the spring time.