Monday, September 8, 2014

Visiting Artist: Suzanne Ramljak

           This artist lecture was slightly different. She wasn't the artist of most of the works that were shown. The pieces that she was showing were pretty interesting to me as I was working on my metals work right before i came to the lecture. The main focus of the lecture was centered around protective ornaments. There were interesting things about what was thought of the old stone bead necklaces and bracelets worn around the necks, arms and legs for protection from animals. I learned that Amulets are known for protection and status, Talismans are for specific purposes and charms are for good luck. These things were used for conjuring up good or bad spirits to help, it was used for channeling beliefs through organic objects or animal parts. One of the artist I really loved made these beast helmets. This was an interesting lecture and did last a bit long, but all in all was very intriguing.

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